Oct 2017


Further Changes to Student Loans from 6th April 2018

The Government has announced a change to the Plan 2 repayment threshold for Student Loan borrowers. The threshold that will come into effect from 6th April 2018 will be £25,000, a £4,000 increase from the current threshold of £21,000. 

It has previously been confirmed by the Student Loans Company that the student loan repayment threshold will rise to £18,330 for Student Loan Plan 1, taking effect from 6th April 2018. Student Loan Plan 1 is for pre-2012 loans.

The Plan 2 repayment threshold of £21,000 was to be fixed until the year 2021, but this has been changed following an announcement made by the Prime Minister about changes to the student finance system.
Summary of the Student Plan thresholds:

  • Plan 1 loans will increase by £555 from the current threshold of £17,775 to £18,330 in 2018-19.
  • Plan 2 loans will increase by £4,000 from the current threshold of £21,000 to £25,000 in 2018-19

This figure will apply to all current and future borrowers for whom employers make Student Loan deductions. In BrightPay 2018-19, the new student loan repayment thresholds for both plans will automatically be calculated and the appropriate student loan deduction applied.


Posted byDebbie ClarkeinEmployee Records