Aug 2018


Customer Update: GDPR Special Edition

GDPR: Frequently Asked Questions

Our GDPR experts have put together a list of some of the frequently asked questions that we have been asked by our customers regarding the General Data Protection Regulation. Additionally, the legislation states that whenever a data controller (e.g. business / employer) uses a data processor (e.g. payroll bureau) there needs to be a written contract or Data Processor Agreement in place.

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Free CPD Webinar: GDPR 5 Months on!

This FREE webinar will look at what’s new in GDPR, how it may affect your business and what have we learned from the GDPR 5 months on. We will also have a look at how BrightPay can help your organisation utilise the new regulation to benefit you, your customers, suppliers and employees. The webinar will include a demo of how our new timesheet upload feature can save you time and help you work towards GDPR compliance.

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Privacy Policies - A GDPR Requirement

One of the main principles of the GDPR is that data shall be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner. These three elements overlap and all three must be satisfied in order to demonstrate compliance. The GDPR stipulates that anywhere personal data is being collected, either directly or indirectly, Privacy Notices should be in place.

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GDPR: The Right to Erasure at a Glance

Individuals have gained the ‘right to erasure’ or commonly known as the ‘right to be forgotten’. This new right came into force with the implementation of the GDPR. It essentially allows individuals to request for erasure of their personal details verbally or in writing.

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How can BrightPay Connect Help with GDPR?

Our optional add-on, BrightPay Connect is an online payroll and HR self-service tool that offers significant benefits to help your business or practice comply with the GDPR legislation. Accountants, employers and employees can instantly access their payroll information, enabling many routine payroll and HR related tasks to be automated. BrightPay Connect significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of payroll work within the remit of the GDPR guidelines.

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3 GDPR Compliant Ways to Distribute Payslips

By law, employers must provide employees with payslips which include personal data such as proof of earnings, tax paid and any pension contributions. It is advisable that businesses take steps to protect and securely send this payslip information.

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