May 2022


3 ways to boost job satisfaction in your workplace

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many employees have shifted their outlook in relation to the workplace. The option for remote working has given employees a greater work-life balance and employees have proven that flexibility in the workplace doesn’t need to hamper productivity. In the UK, all employees have the legal right to request flexible working, but they must have worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks to be eligible. Employers must deal with requests in a reasonable manner by assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the application and discussing the request with the employee. If they refuse the request, employers should offer an appeal process.

3 ways to improve job satisfaction

1. Flexible working days

According to a report by the Office for National Statistics, 46% of remote workers said they spent less money as a result of remote working. In another report by Culture Shift, 54% of employees said that remote working has had a positive impact on their work-life balance, showing that remote working can have a positive effect. Thanks to having a healthier work-life balance, saving money and spending less time commuting, remote working can improve mental health as it gives your employees the option to work when and where suits them.

One difficulty employer’s may face when their employees are working remotely is managing annual leave. When employees are working different hours and from various locations, it can be difficult to implement a process that is fair and accessible to all. BrightPay Payroll Software’s cloud-extension, BrightPay Connect, allows your employees to book annual leave with ease through the employee self-service portal, at any time and from anywhere. Employees can simply book annual leave within a few clicks online or through the employee app on their smartphone, meaning they won't have to wait until they return to the office to request annual leave.

2. Training and Investment

Investing in your employees to boost their career is vital. Training or upskilling in your workplace will not only help boost employee satisfaction, but it also helps you as you will have employees with additional skill sets, who can help to grow your business.

Training staff to use HR software will allow you to delegate responsibilities amongst the team. An example of this could be training staff to use BrightPay Connect, an online payroll and HR platform. A great way to use the online platform is to allow managers from different departments to manage annual leave requests. This means less back and forth as they are the ones who will know the needs of the team best. Delegating this task using BrightPay Connect means annual leave requests can be dealt with quickly, keeping your employees happy. It also means the responsibility of dealing with requests is not all on one person.

3. Easy access to important details

As an employer, it can be a time-consuming task to keep all of your employees' details up-to date. If an employee moves house, changes their mobile number or wants to update their emergency contact, it can take time to update this information in the system. You may also have to deal with employee requests for past payslips when applying for a mortgage for example. Searching for and printing off payslips can be a tedious task that delays you from taking care of other important duties.

BrightPay’s cloud-extension, BrightPay Connect takes away the headache of manually searching for payslips and updating employee information. BrightPay Connect offers a seamless way for your employees to update their details via the BrightPay Connect employee self-service app, through an internet browser or their smartphone. In addition, you can send payslips each pay period from the payroll software, directly to BrightPay Connect.

Implementing these changes in the workplace can improve employee satisfaction and boost morale within your business. In remote environments, it is important to keep on top of employee well-being and offer as much support to them as you can. Why not book a free 20 minute demo on how BrightPay Connect can help support you and your employees today.

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