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May 2022


Streamline your business' annual leave management

Managing employees’ annual leave can be a stressful process. For you as the employer, having email or even paper requests sent from multiple locations can be frustrating, especially during busy holiday periods. Likewise, employees having their leave rejected because of double bookings or mismanagement can sometimes sour working relationships. An inefficient annual leave system can also make managing and tracking payroll to become more difficult.

Having a system in place that can automate these tedious aspects of annual leave management can improve your working relationships with employees, as well as increasing their job satisfaction levels.


Move your employees’ annual leave to a secure online portal

It’s time for your employees to say goodbye to printed letters, excel spreadsheets and long email threads to book annual leave. While these more traditional methods can be still used, they’re becoming less and less reliable, and there are more effective alternatives to take their place.

Moving annual leave management to a secure online portal offers many benefits for your business, including:

  • Saving time chasing annual leave requests
  • Reducing stress with a more automated system in place
  • Eliminating errors that can occur from more traditional methods
  • Increasing employee satisfaction by reducing mismanagement
  • Creates a fair system where all requests are timestamped, so staff can be accepted on a first come, first served basis
  • Reducing admin workload from rectifying mistakes and retrieving lost emails
  • Promoting environmental sustainability by turning annual leave into a completely paperless process

Using BrightPay’s cloud extension, BrightPay Connect, automates the entire annual leave process for you. Our employee self-service app allows staff to request annual leave through an easy-to-use calendar format on their smartphone or tablet device, where you will then receive a notification on your own employer dashboard. From here, you can view the company calendar through the same and choose to either approve or reject employees’ requests. Managing annual leave has never been so easy!


Our cloud extension comes with a host of other benefits to increase your service offering, such as:

  • Client payroll approval feature that gives your clients more control over their payroll by allowing them to make any necessary changes and approve the payroll before it is finalised and before payslips are distributed.
  • Automatic cloud backups of your payroll data that ensure your clients’ data is safe and secure at all times. This also aligns with GDPR best practices.
  • Remote working support by notifying you when someone else has worked on an employer’s file from a different computer, and if they are still working on that file.
  • Bureau branding giving clients a more personal touch to your services, enhancing work relationships.


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