NEST Integration / API | Data File Submission

API integration allows BrightPay users to send their pension data with just one click.

NEST Integration / API - Data File Submission

BrightPay’s development team have worked very closely with NEST to integrate an API in BrightPay. An API (Application Program Interface) is basically direct integration between BrightPay and NEST which allows both systems to directly talk or communicate with each other. Users are now able to seamlessly submit their data through to the NEST API.

Customers can submit their contribution and enrolment files from within BrightPay. This will make it faster for customers to process auto enrolment. The NEST integration or web service will make auto enrolment compliance more straightforward and remove the necessity to manually log on to the NEST web portal. The benefits for customers include time saving, reduced errors, data accuracy and simple processing. Click on this link to view a full list of BrightPay’s supported automatic enrolment pension schemes


Video Tutorial: Find out how the BrightPay and NEST API works




BrightPay additionally has two other NEST API’s.

These API’s will make it faster for customers to manage their automatic enrolment duties. You can see more information on submitting your pension data file to NEST on our NEST web services page. By integrating BrightPay payroll with NEST, we have simplified the data flow between the two separate systems.


NEST: Helping Make Auto Enrolment Work for You 

John Hale from NEST joined BrightPay for an auto enrolment webinar. Watch the webinar below to find out how NEST can help make auto enrolment work for you.


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