Apr 2018


GDPR: Everything you need to know!

Free GDPR Webinars for Employers & Payroll Bureaus

Employers process large amounts of personal data, not least in relation to their customers and their own employees. Consequently, the GDPR will impact most if not all areas of the business and the impact it will have cannot be overstated. Join us for our free webinar where we will discuss what GDPR is, why employers need to take it seriously and how you can prepare for the 25th May deadline.

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How can BrightPay Connect help with GDPR?

Under the GDPR legislation, where possible the controller should be able to provide self-service remote access to a secure system which would provide the data subject with direct access to his or her personal data. BrightPay Connect is a self-service option which will give employees online remote access to view their payroll information 24/7.

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Free Guide: GDPR & The Future of Payroll

The guide will uncover the ins and outs of the impact of GDPR on your payroll processing, highlighting the biggest areas of concern including emailing payslips, employee consent and your legal obligation.

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Data Processor Agreement - Free Template

Whenever a data controller (e.g. a payroll bureau client) uses a data processor (e.g. payroll bureau) there needs to be a written contract in place. The contract is important so that both parties understand their responsibilities and liabilities. To assist our customers, we have created a template Data Protection Agreement which can be used by data processors as an addendum to any existing agreements.

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GDPR Employee Privacy Policies

GDPR requires employers to give information to their workforce, setting out in particular the personal data (employee information) the employer holds about them, how it is used, and with whom the information is shared. The information required is more detailed than is currently required under existing data protection laws. Employers need to ensure that their employee privacy notices accurately reflect how they process employee data and are in line with GDPR requirements. GDPR compliant employee policies are available through the Bright Contracts software.

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Still confused about GDPR? Here are some more useful links that can help:

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