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Customer Update: February 2019

Free Webinar: How to use payroll to pay off your mortgage in 5 years

BrightPay is co-presenting a free webinar with the world’s most highly rated advisor to accountants, Steve Pipe. Discover how you can make payroll one of your most profitable and strategically important service lines. During the webinar, Steve Pipe will discuss a powerful new step-by-step system for using payroll to win really high-quality new clients.

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Pre-order BrightPay 2019/20 today!

BrightPay and BrightPay Connect are now available to pre-order. BrightPay is not available to download yet. We will send you an email closer to the new tax year once BrightPay 2019/20 is released and ready to download.

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5 Reasons to Switch to BrightPay

  1. Awarded 2018 Payroll Software of the Year at the Accounting Excellence awards.
  2. BrightPay is used to process the payroll for over 160,000 businesses in the UK
  3. 99% customer satisfaction rate for BrightPay and a 99% satisfaction rate for customer support.
  4. Free phone and email support plus a range of online help guides, online training sessions and tutorial videos.
  5. 94% of customers report time saving benefits and 86% report cost saving benefits when using BrightPay.

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Further increases to the minimum auto enrolment contribution rates

On the 6th April 2018, the total minimum auto enrolment contribution rate increased from 2% to 5%, representing a 2% minimum employer contribution with employees contributing the balance. Minimum contributions will undergo further increases on 6th April 2019, with the total minimum contribution rate increasing to 8%.

Minimum Contribution Increases (Phasing)

Payroll Bureaus - Say goodbye to manual payroll entry

We are sure you don’t enjoy that endless back and forth email exchange between you and your clients to request information about the time records and employee hours for their payrolls. BrightPay Connect is making things easier by allowing you to securely send payroll entry requests and payroll approval requests to your clients.

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9 reasons why client cloud platforms will be central to the future of payroll services

Payroll servicing is evolving to encompass a move towards cloud access and flexibility for you, your clients and their employees. Be ready to offer a new level of payroll and HR related services by embracing cloud innovation. This checklist will make it feasible to offer cloud platforms to clients while streamlining your payroll processing and increasing your profits.

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Employee Self-Service: Reduce your workload immediately

BrightPay Connect includes a powerful and secure online portal for employees. With the online portal, employees can view a payslip library where they can download historic payslips and payroll documents, eliminating requests to their manager. Employees can also update their basic personal details including their postal address, contact details, and emergency contact details on any internet browser or from the employee smartphone app. This will ultimately reduce administration duties for managers.

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How to make your payroll bureau more secure

Security is extremely important in payroll bureaus. After all, you are handling the personal and financial data of your clients and your client’s employees, which puts you at risk of data breaches and cyber attacks. Choosing a reliable system is the first step to keep all your clients’ data secure and avoid any risks.

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Don’t mess with the minimum wagers or HMRC will make you pay

Back in August, the government made headlines in a name and shame exercise of epic proportions where they published the names of 239 employers who underpaid more than 22,000 employees. HMRC identified 5 main areas as reasons for national minimum and living wage underpayments.

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Customer Case Study: Trendzer

Trendzer was using a complex and clunky payroll solution that offered only paper payslips up until December 2014. “We wanted an automated solution that was user-friendly and easy to manage. After trialling a few systems, we decided BrightPay was the best solution out there. BrightPay stood out to us as it was very simple to use and it had a clear, intuitive interface.”

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Did you miss it? Important Pricing Update for BrightPay 2019/20

We introduced the initial version of BrightPay over seven years ago. Since then, we’ve added hundreds of powerful features and enhancements, with many more planned for the future. To keep pace with the value that BrightPay provides, we’re increasing our pricing from 2019/20 onwards. This will ensure that we can continue to develop and support the best payroll software in the UK.

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Steve Pipe’s gift copy of this Amazon best-selling book. Do you want it?

The book comes with an invitation to an executive briefing Steve Pipe has arranged for you. As you probably know, Steve is a former UK Entrepreneur of The Year who, according to LinkedIn, is also the world’s most highly rated accountant. The executive briefing starts at 11.00 am on the 4th of April, and you can reserve a virtual seat as our guest here. Best of all, you will also be able to instantly download your gift copy of the Amazon best-selling book that Steve first published his research in, AND the step-by-step system that makes it all really easy to do.

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