Nov 2021


BrightPay wins ‘Payroll and HR Software of the Year 2021’

BrightPay was announced as the WINNER of Payroll and HR Software of the Year 2021 at this year’s Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) LUCA awards.

Last night, the ICB held their annual awards in Leicester Square, London. The LUCA awards are considered the ‘Oscars’ of the bookkeeping profession and are awarded in recognition of the year’s outstanding bookkeepers and the many organisations and software services that support the valuable work they do. This year was even more special as not only were the awards held in-person again, but they were also celebrating the 25th Anniversary of ICB's inception. ICB members and students vote to decide the winners of each category. BrightPay are thrilled and honoured to have won Payroll and HR Software of the Year 2021, beating out tough competition from fellow nominees being Intuit Quickbooks, Moneysoft, Sage Payroll, and Xero Payroll.

Picture: Paul Byrne, CEO of BrightPay, poses with the award, a statuette of Luca Pacioli, the Cistercian monk who is credited with first documenting the process of double-entry bookkeeping.

An award-winning payroll software

The award for Payroll and HR Software of the Year comes just under a year after BrightPay won the COVID-19 Hero Supplier Award at the Accounting Software Excellence Awards 2020. During 2020 and beyond, BrightPay quickly responded to frequent changes to payroll legislation, allowing our customers to carry on processing their payroll uninterrupted.

It is a credit to the entire team at BrightPay, amidst the pandemic and throughout 2021, that they continued to develop BrightPay Payroll Software. New and enhanced features were added, all the while BrightPay continued to deliver excellent support to our customers.

Not simply a payroll software

A particular exciting aspect of this award is the ‘HR’ in the title. While BrightPay has been well known for its excellent payroll functionality, we have been working hard on delivering more and more useful HR features to our customers. Bookkeepers using BrightPay alongside the optional cloud add-on, BrightPay Connect, have access to a more streamlined workflow between human resources and payroll.

  • Using BrightPay Connect’s self-service portal, annual leave can be requested by clients’ employees and approved by the employer before flowing back into the payroll software.
  • With the self-service portal, bookkeepers can also offer their clients access to run and view payroll reports whenever they like. With the reports automatically available to their clients, it improves the bookkeeper’s workflow as well as saving them time.
  • Once payroll has been finalised, payslips are automatically sent to employees’ Connect portal. Employees have access to their payslip archive at any time. It ensures they never lose a payslip, and they have access to them whenever they require it.

To discover more about BrightPay’s features such as batch processing capabilities, integration with numerous accounting packages, and the ability to streamline your payment methods, download a 60-day free trial of BrightPay now. To learn more about BrightPay Connect’s payroll and HR functionality, book a demo today.

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