Apr 2022


When did you last back-up your payroll data?

Backing up your payroll data is a crucial step in the payroll process to ensure the safety and security of your clients’ data and the data of their employees.

Whether you back up your payroll data daily, weekly or monthly – manually backing up your clients’ payroll data can be another dreaded monotonous task on your never-ending to-do-list.

Not only that, but by not backing up your payroll data, it can leave your clients’ in quite a vulnerable position. What happens if you spill coffee all over your keyboard, or get a virus on your laptop? This could result in weeks, months, or maybe even years of payroll data gone before your eyes.

What can be done to prevent this?

That’s where automatic backups come in. Automatic backups do all the work so you don’t have to, by storing your payroll data on the cloud. This not only saves you time, but also gives you peace of mind. See it as insurance for your payroll data, providing a secure safety net should a crisis occur, allowing you time to focus on other tasks at hand.

There are many other perks to automatically backing up your payroll data too, such as GDPR. Having your clients’ and their employees’ data stored in a secure and remote location improves your GDPR compliance.

What do we recommend?

BrightPay Connect is the cloud extension to one of the UK’s leading payroll software providers, BrightPay.

BrightPay Connect automatically backs up your payroll data every 15 minutes securely to Microsoft Azure data stores. This is fully encrypted and tested regularly to ensure its safety, security and resilience. It also stores chronological backups of data, so you can restore your payroll data from anywhere, at any time.

That’s not all, BrightPay Connect provides many other features, such as a bureau dashboard, a client self-service portal, client payroll entry and payroll approval request functionality. This reduces your admin workload, while also improving your client engagement across the board.

You can also personalise your BrightPay Connect account by adding your own company logo, name and contact details, which will be visible to clients while they access the software. Watch this quick two-minute video on how BrightPay Connect can work for your accounting firm.

Check out how this user found peace of mind after signing up to BrightPay Connect:

“After using other payroll packages for several years, I was highly delighted when I discovered BrightPay. It was the easiest, fastest and operator friendly software I had ever used. The reports are very comprehensive and emailing payslips and reports to clients and employees is so easy. The time I save per payroll is great and the affordability of the package and the different scales make this the package to choose.”

- Irene Hopkinson, Westmill Accountancy

It’s time to take your clients’ payroll data security seriously, book a demo with BrightPay Connect today and never worry about losing your payroll data again!

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