Integrated Payroll & Accounting Systems

Traditional usage of software will require you to enter the same information repeatedly. Some information may be needed by more than one system. Take payroll and accounting software for example. At some point, they will need to talk to each other. Employee salary details need to be entered in the payroll software, but your accounting software and tax software need it too. Without some form of integration, payroll information will need to be entered manually into the accounting system. However, copying the figures from the payroll software into your general ledger leaves too much room for error, while also adding to the hours lost to manual processes. You may also need to make journal entries to fix mistakes.

By switching to integrated systems, you can provide the information once, significantly improving the efficiency of your business. Integrated payroll and accounting software essentially allow the two systems to talk to each other to automate tedious, time-consuming tasks. By using software packages that can communicate with each other, employers will be able to increase efficiency, simplify operations, save time, avoid duplication of efforts and reduce the possibility of manual processing errors.

Easily integrate BrightPay with your accounting software

BrightPay’s payroll journal feature allows users to create wage journals from finalised pay periods so that they can be added into various accounting packages. BrightPay includes direct API integration with a number of accounting packages.

With this direct integration, users will be able to directly send the payroll journal to the accounting package from within BrightPay. This accounts software integration eliminates the need to export the CSV file from the payroll software and import it into the accounting system, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

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BrightPay includes direct API integration with the following accounting packages:

Payroll Journals in BrightPay

In BrightPay, each payroll journal file is customised to the individual accounting software provider, with compatible files and built-in nominal ledger mapping. Essentially, this mapping tells the payroll where things get posted to in the accounting system.

With BrightPay, users can decide if they wish to include individual journal records for each employee, or if they want to merge the employee records into total records for each unique payment date. There is also the option to specify circumstances where amounts are to be mapped to alternate nominal account codes (e.g. depending on period type, directorship, departments, specific rates/additions/deductions, etc.).

Payroll Journal Export to Accounting Packages

With BrightPay, there is also the option to export payroll journals via CSV file, and then manually import the journal into the accounting software. BrightPay includes export file formats with default nominal ledger code mapping for a number of accounting softwares, including Exact, Kashflow, Sage and Quickbooks (desktop). A 'generic' journal option is also available for those who use other accounting software packages. Generic payroll journals can be saved and added to your journal listing for future use.

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