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Feb 2022


5 Reasons why BrightPay receives a 99% Customer Satisfaction Rating

For the seventh year in a row BrightPay received a 99% customer satisfaction rating! The team at BrightPay are delighted to see that as we continue to grow, we are delivering on and exceeding our customer’s expectations, are providing the critical support they need, and are offering a payroll solution that works.

From the many reasons mentioned by our customers that explained why they were “extremely or very satisfied” with the software, there were five that stood out.


1. Ease of use:

Analysing the results of our survey, there was a phrase continuously repeated by our customers – “It is just so easy to use”. The easy-to-follow and intuitive interface of BrightPay payroll software is not an unexpected coincidence. We understand the importance of a well laid-out and instinctive computer software. This makes it much easier for you to learn the program and you don’t have to repeatedly go to the help guide as you automatically understand the next step in the process. That’s why, even with the development of more features and added functions to the program, we haven’t compromised on the design.


2. Functionality:

Of course, it’s no surprise that the features and functionality of BrightPay are critical to customer’s satisfaction with it. As one customer put it “it does what it says on the tin”. We know it wouldn’t be possible to achieve a 99% score without the successful delivery of auto-enrolment, journal integration, CIS, pension integration, IR35, and batch-enrolment. Such features allow you to process payroll quickly, reduce errors associated with manual-entry of figures, and carry out other duties in a more efficient manner.


3. Support:

The excellent support we deliver to our customers was another point repeatedly highlighted in the survey. The support we offer ranges from phone and email support from our payroll specialists to free product demos, webinars, guides, and other documentation. We understand the importance of customer support, both when you’re starting out using the software as well as further down the line, when unexpected situations arise and mistakes are made. That’s why customer support is included in all licences and has been free for nearly 30 years.


4. Innovation:

At BrightPay we aim to create the best customer experience possible. To do this, we continuously look for new and innovative solutions to problems payroll processors and business owners encounter on a day-to-day basis. We are happy to see our customers benefiting from our latest partnership, one that allows you to pay employees, subcontractors, and HMRC all from within BrightPay. The partnership with the payment platform, Modulr, allows you to send payments in under 90 seconds, 24/7, 365 days a year.


5. The choice of BrightPay Connect:

Working on the cloud is an absolute must for some, while for others, it’s an option which they aren’t too fussed over. With BrightPay Connect, we provide an optional cloud add-on to BrightPay payroll users. Customers can decide for themselves whether they want or need the cloud platform. If they decide to use BrightPay Connect, they have the reassurance that their data is automatically backed-up to the cloud, can send reports directly to the employer’s self-service portal, and can offer an app to employees where they can view their payslips, add annual leave, and much more.


Future Development

Through the survey, our customers gave us their feedback on the payroll software, what they loved and what they thought could be improved. This yearly survey is critical to our development strategy. From it, we know what is most important to our customers which informs what features we concentrate on developing. We know that there is always room for improvement and will continue to push ourselves to deliver the best payroll software available.


Learn more about BrightPay

If you’re interested in learning more about BrightPay and how it can improve your payroll services, schedule a 15-minute demo with a member of our team today. Or why not book a free 60-day trial of BrightPay and try the software for yourself with no obligation to purchase.



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