Jul 2022


Save hours of time by letting clients enter payroll details themselves

Do you feel like you’re spending hours during the week emailing back and forth with clients, making payroll adjustments, and entering details that could have easily been done by the clients themselves? Whether you’re entering their employees’ hours, new starter details, or additions and deductions, it can be frustrating waiting for clients to get back to you with these details.

Imagine if you could share this payroll workload with your clients in a way that didn’t end up in never-ending back and forth emails. Imagine if there was a centralised hub that allowed information to flow effortlessly between you both, automating your payroll workflow.

Thankfully, with BrightPay Payroll Software’s Client Payroll Entry feature, this is now possible. The Client Payroll Entry feature allows your client to send updated payroll information each pay period, before the payslips are finalised. You can send a summary of payroll information from your bureau dashboard directly to the client's self-service dashboard. From here, clients can enter any changes to employees’ hours and any additions and deductions for that pay period. The client can also add any new starters in this area, and enter details such as addresses, phone numbers and tax codes.

The best part about all of this is that any changes the client makes to their payroll fully syncs back to the payroll software, once you have reviewed and approved it. Allowing you time to attend to more important matters of your business. There is also an full audit trail of changes made, so whatever your client has worked on will be tracked and recorded. This not only makes the flow of information between you and your client quicker, but it can also save you hours of time each pay period.


“I've just had a little play with your new 'Requests' feature. Oh my goodness, do you know how utterly fabulous it is? I've loved your software since I was introduced to it, but this is a game-changer. It's going to make such a big difference!”
Annamarie Angell, Deadline Accounting Ltd


Our Client Payroll Approval feature takes innovation to another level by allowing you to send a payroll summary to your clients via their self-service dashboard. Clients can access the dashboard from their computer, review their employees’ payroll and approve it or add a note. Once they’re happy with it, you will be notified on your own bureau dashboard that it's been approved. This information automatically flows to the payroll software, eliminating tedious back and forth communication.


Want to learn more about this feature? Check out this short step-by-step guide and six-minute video on how it works. However, the Client Payroll Entry and Payroll Approval aren’t the only features of our cloud-extension, BrightPay Connect. Learn more about our cloud-extension by booking a free 15-minute demo of BrightPay Connect. BrightPay Connect also comes with a wide range of other payroll and HR features to increase your value and service offering. These include:

  • Automatic cloud backup of payroll files
  • Employee self-service app
  • Annual leave management tool and company leave calendar
  • HR document uploading hub
  • Bureau branding


It's time to automate your payroll workflow and streamline client communication with our cloud-extension. Book your free 15-minute BrightPay Connect demo today. Interested in staying up-to-date on all the latest payroll trends and legislative changes? Sign up to our newsletter below for weekly emails so you can stay in the loop.?


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