Adding a New Employer

Here is a video tutorial on setting up an employer -  Setting up an Employer


To add a new employer manually to BrightPay select New Employer  at the top middle of the screen.


1) Enter your Employer Name - this is the name you have registered with HMRC and will appear on your payslips for your employees.


2) When the new employer is being creating an Organisation must be selected for the new employer to be added to.

Any members of the selected organisation with the requisite role/permission to do so will be able to access the employer

Monthly bills for the selected organisation will be updated to reflect increased usage associated with the employer according to the organisation’s billing plan.


3) How would you like to use Bright Pay?

Three options are available:

a) Start at the Beginning of the Tax Year - select this option if you are starting at the beginning of the tax year.

b) Start Partway in the Tax Year - select this option if you are starting payroll partway through a tax year, with no previous payroll records in the same tax year.

c) Continue Partway in the Tax Year - select this option if you already have payroll records for the tax year up to this point, and wish to continue where you have left off. Selecting this option will allow you to enter year to date figures for each employee.

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4) Enter your Employer Address

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5) Enter your Employer PAYE Reference - this is your office number followed by your reference, e.g. 123/AB1234 (this is a required field).


6) Enter your Accounts Office Reference - required for RTI submissions. You will find this 13 character number on the yellow PAYE Payslip booklet supplied by HM Revenue & Customs, in the format of 123PA12345678 (three numbers, two letters, eight numbers). References that are not 13 characters long require zeros (0) entering after the two letters to make up the 13 characters e.g. 123PA00045678. Please do not include any spaces when entering it on the screen. 


7) Small Employers' Relief

  • If total NI Contributions (Employee & Employer) in the qualifying tax year are less than £45,000 – tick the box provided.
  • If total NI Contributions (Employee & Employer) in the qualifying tax year are more than £45,000 – leave the box unticked.


8) Benefit Tax Accounting Method - select the method that the employer will be operating, if company expenses and benefits apply.


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9) Departments - employees can be organised into departments, which can be used in payroll processing and analysis. Enter the names of each department you require in the fields provided. Additional departments can be added by clicking “Add Another”. More departments can be added in the future if needed.


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10) Your Typical Employee - this section allows the user to create settings that will be used as the default when adding a new employee record. They can of course be changed on an individual basis if required. These settings are:

a) Typical Pay Frequency

b) Typical Pay Basis

c) Typical Pay Method

d) Typical Annual Leave Year Starts

e) Typical Annual Leave Calculation Method

f) Typical Annual Leave Entitlement

g) Typical Annual Leave Carry Over

h) Typical Working Days


Click Next

11) Enable Self Service

If employees are to have access to their Employee Self Service Portal please choose whether employee self-service is enabled by default and how it should work.

If enabled, rules can be set up for when the employer would like finalised payslips, P60s and P11Ds to be made available to the employees and click ‘Save’ on completion


12) Automatic Enrolment - select a statement from the listing in order to determine/enter your duties start date.

13) Select Create Employer to continue.


Your employer details have now been saved and your payroll will open. To add additional employer information (e.g. employer bank accounts, RTI sender information, etc) select the Employer heading. Alternatively, to begin adding employees select the Employee heading.

Further information on adding additional employer information and setting up employees can be found within the Support section on the website.



Need help? Support is available at 0345 9390019 or

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