Child Support Deductions from Earnings Order (DEO)


A DEO is a deductions of earnings order from the child support agency. This is when they contact the employer of the non resident parent  to instruct them of the amount they want removed from their earnings BEFORE they are paid to the employee.

The CSA has full authority to do this and does not need to go to a court in order to get approval. If an employer refuses to comply, the CSA can impose a fine upon them.

Although the decision to apply a DEO is taken by the Child Support Agency and not the courts you would be committing an offence under section 32(8) of the Child Support Act 1991 if you do not comply with a DEO. This could lead to a prosecution and a fine.


Attaching an Order to an Employee within BrightPay

1)Go to Payroll, and select the employee from the listing

2) Under Additions & Deductions, click the Add button

3) Select Attachment Orders…

4)Click ‘Add Attachment Order’ and select the appropriate Attachment Order from the listing.


Setting up the Order



1) Enter a description for the Attachment Order.

2) Enter the reference number of the Attachment Order, which can be found on the documentation received.

3) Enter the date the Order was made.

4) Enter the date to apply the Order from.

5) Enter the date to stop – the Order should only be stopped once the full amount of the Order has been paid or you have received notification from the Courts to stop it.



1) Priority – this box is ticked, by default. AEOs for maintenance or fines take precedence over each other by date of issue.

2) Periodic amount - enter the periodic amount to be deducted, as stated on the Order.

3) Protected Earnings – enter the Protected Earnings Ratefor the employee, as stated on the Order.

4) Admin Charge – tick the box provided if you, the employer, wish to deduct £1 as an administration charge for operating the Order.

5) Enter the Attachment Shortfall at start

6) Cumulative amount paid at start - if the employee has already paid some of the attachment (for example in a previous employment) enter the amount here.

7) Enter any Year to Date deductions, if applicable

8) Click Save. 


BrightPay will now apply the Attachment Order on the employee’s payslip from the relevant period.

Need help? Support is available at 0345 9390019 or

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